April Mission Focus
Project Transformation

Project Transformation Rio Texas ministry addresseChildren College students Churchess three unique challenges with one program: 1) how to meet the academic, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual needs of children from low-income communities, 2) how to provide meaningful ways for college-age young adults to explore ministry opportunities and develop as young principled leaders for the church and the world; and 3) how to help revitalize churches through outreach and relationships. It is through relationships that lives are transformed.

Project Transformation's mission is to transform communities by engaging children, college-age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships. Because our vision is of a world that is rooted in love, pursues the equity of all
people, and amplifies God's call on every life.

Project Transformation’s collaborative model of ministry harnesses the creative energy and leadership of college age young adults, who live in intentional Christian community, and lead summer and after-school programs for children in under served neighborhoods while exploring their call. The summer camps will be at Northern Hills Ministry Center and Laurel Heights United Methodist churches who are serving their low-income neighborhoods, thereby helping those churches connect in meaningful ways with their communities.

Our church is one of those and now is the time to donate and to sign up to volunteer. You can contribute by noting
Project Transformation in the memo or on-line or by using an offering envelope.

There are 2 primary volunteer needs this summer:

     One-to-One Reading Volunteers
     Caring volunteers read with summer day camp children.      The literacy component of Project Transformation is an      exciting opportunity for volunteers to interact with the      children in a one-to-one setting. The reading component      takes place on Monday-Thursday from 10:00am-12:00pm.      (Please arrive at 9:30 your first time.)

Dates: June 15- July 28

Intern Dinners
     College students will serve in PT’s summer program in San      Antonio. Groups and individuals provide dinner Sun day      through Thursday in San Antonio at St. Mark’s UMC. This is      a great opportunity to serve, encourage and get to know      young people making a difference!

Dates: May 27 through July 29

Need Help or want more information, contact Betty Sullivan (bettysullivan@satx.rr.com)

All the signups (Get Involved) and the Amazon link can be found on the website.


Project Transformation