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Scrip is a lifestyle fundraiser. Families see how easy it is to earn just by purchasing a gift card, so after placing their first few orders, shopping with scrip becomes a habit. They're continually motivated to shop with scrip because they can immediately see how much money they're raising.

If you need a little more convincing, we came up with the top 5 reasons why scrip is the better fundraising solution for both your organization and your families.

Why Scrip is Better for Organizations
  1. You're not spending time and energy trying to organize a fundraiser and sell overpriced products.
  2. Scrip isn't burdensome. You aren't asking families to go out of their way to raise money. Instead, their everyday family purchases become immediate earnings for your organization.
  3. The earnings add up fast! One family can generate $600 to $1000 or more per year just by paying with scrip.
  4. There are no upfront costs and there's no middleman taking a cut. Your organization receives every penny you earn.
  5. You can share earnings with members, which they can put toward individual fees or expenses.

Why Scrip is Better for Families
  1. There are over 700 brands to choose from, so they can use scrip on practically every purchase.
  2. Scrip is a great budgeting tool since families can use scrip for gas, groceries, and other household expenses.
  3. Families can shop in-store or online at participating retailers.
  4. They could place their own orders online, which will maximize their earnings.
  5. Paying with gift cards keeps families safe from credit card fraud.
And the biggest benefit of all: everyone can participate in a scrip fundraiser because everyone makes monthly purchases. See the potential earnings for yourself.

Shop With Scrip
Windcrest United Methodist Church enrollment code: 14AB6E683L721