PURPOSE: To provide a safe, and nurturing educational experience in a Christian environment for children ages birth to age five.

A TRADITION OF SUCCESS: Windcrest United Methodist Church started Childhood Expressions Mothers’ Day Out Program on November 4, 1973. The Mother’s Day Out Program was changed to Childhood Expressions Preschool and Nursery in 1984 to clarify that a preschool curriculum and learning environment for young children was being offered. In 2012, full-time options were added and Childhood Expressions became Windcrest Day School and Child Development Center.

ACCREDITATION: In 1991 we were accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood (NAEYC) and have maintained accreditation since then. Accreditation represents consensus of the early childhood profession regarding the definition of a
high quality group program for young children. We continually strive to maintain
those standards. www.rightchoiceforkids.org.


Class size and student/teacher ratios: 

Infants                     1:4 or 2/8

Young Toddlers      1:5 or 2:8/10

Toddlers                  1:7 or 2:10/12

Preschool                1:9 or 2 to 12/14

Pre-K                       1:12 or 2:14/16

     Developmental Growth in the following areas:  social/emotional, language, fine      
     motor,large motor and cognitive

     Exposure and Mastery of the Academic Continuum in the following areas:  literacy,    
     math, science, social studies, computers and technology and self-help skills

     Spiritual Growth


1. Support Families by making them feel welcome; provide a safe and nurturing         
    environment for their children; provide support through literature, training and     
    community resources; and include them as active participants.

2. Support children by providing a high-quality early childhood program; provide            
    experienced and trained staff; and foundation for success in school and life.

CDC Government Vaccines

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The school is governed by Windcrest Day School and Child Development Center Board of Directors who meets monthly to set policy and review the finances of the school.  The Board consists of the Director, four church representatives, four parent representatives, the Windcrest United Methodist Director of Children and Family Ministries and Ex-officio Members to include the Senior Pastor and Business Administrator.

Janette Felder – Board Chair
Sarah Bryant – Secretary
Mary Behrend
Kristen Abel
Beverly Cunningham
Hana Velik
Joscelyn Laurence
Claudia Gonzalez